Mobile Midwives

Welcome to Epworth Maternity Mobile Midwife

Whether you’re preparing for a family, or have just welcomed a newborn into the world, our midwives are here to help. 

Decades of clinical knowledge and hands-on experience are captured in this series, to guide, support and empower you through this truly incredible time.

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When You're Pregnant

Aches, pains and swelling during pregnancy

Staying active during pregnancy

Packing your hospital bag

After Childbirth

Taking care of yourself
after having a baby

The early days survival guide

Post-Caesarean recovery

Pelvic floor support

Strengthening abdominal muscles

Healthy bladder and bowel function

Returning to exercise

Caring for Your New Bub

Expressing breast milk

Healthy eating guide for new mums

The fourth trimester

Swaddling your baby

Dressing your baby

Support from your partner

How to change your baby's nappy

How to bath your baby

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